Brass / Stainess / Granite Plaques

Brass plaques, can be made in a variety of sizes, complete with logos, borders and mounting holes. Speak to us about your needs. They are also available in different thicknesses, and for todays needs they can be specially coated with an anti-graffiti coating to help protect them from vandals.

We have a range of materials to suit all your plaque needs. They do not have to be brass, and you can select from permabrass (non-tarnish), stainless steel (marine grade), optimum laser (indoors only, shiny, cheaper), outdoor rowmark (a type of extremely durable, UV resistant plastic). However, when it comes to seriously long term durability, brass is the preferred material.

We are very well placed to offer schools 'Investing in Our Schools Programme' plaques, with a quick turnaround time, and on budget. See image below.

To assist with your unveiling ceremony, we can supply a portable unveiling lectern or plaque revealer made from beautiful jarrah complete with curtain. It is designed to accomodate a variety of plaque sizes, and is available for rent on a per day basis.