Customised Engraving

Trophy Shop Australia offers a wide range of professional engraving services, and cater for all your engraving needs under one roof. These include laser engraving, diamond drag (scratch) computerised engraving, and hand engraving.

We utilise the latest and fastest Trotec and Epilog laser engravers, with both Fibre and Co2 laser components, for the highest possible quality engraving on a multitude of surfaces. These include glass, brass, acrylic, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, rowmark, certain plastics, wood and leather. The laser is able to engrave the highest quality logos and text, with ultimate ease, onto a variety of surfaces. Branding or marking your product just could not be easier.

We can also engrave silverware, certain jewellery (no rings), leatherman and penknives, wedding glasses, wedding servers, pens, pewter mugs, and of course all your trophy and perpetual needs.

Laser Engraved Plastic Electrical Labels

Our engraving services are second to none. There is not much we aren't willing to take on. We offer industrial level engraving services too, and have templates set up for all trailer identification plates, and a vast range of materials for asset plates to protect your machinery and equipment. A brief list of items we engrave includes light switches, appliance id tags, hospital labels, and serial numbers on equipment and vehicles. Click here for more information.

YETI Engraving and supplied drink bottles

We engrave YETI bottles on a daily basis, and have engraved some brilliant designs. We can't engrave them while you wait, but if you drop them in, we will pop them on our schedule for you. Please allow 48 hours to a week, depending on how busy we are. We have a single flat charge for text and logos, or both. They all cost the same. If you have quantities we do offer a reduced price. The only thing we ask that the logo be supplied in a high resolution format. We also engrave tonnes of other drinkware, and it is perfect for labelling school water bottles with a permanent name. The drink bottles are far less likely to be lost or stolen with a name engraved onto them.
PLEASE NOTE We do have a disclaimer that when it comes to YETI's, we know they are expensive to buy, and unfortunately there are times when they dont engrave quite according to plan. We have only ever had a couple where they either slipped in the machine, or the powder coating was very thick and didnt engrave perfectly. If this does by any chance happen, we will NOT charge you for the engraving, but unofrtunately CANNOT replace the YETI for you.

Laptop and Ipad Engraving

To protect your school or office laptops and ipads we offer a customised laptop laser engraving service. This generally includes the owners name and maybe a phone number, but we can include graphics and logos, and even fancy designs as per your requirements. Text only in a single placement is generally a charge of $16.50 per laptop/ipad, while logos and designs will be quoted accordingly (its not expensive dont worry). Our ipad engraving is expertly undertaken in-house using top of the range technology that will not damage your machine or its contents. You can rest assured we will handle any laptops or ipads with the utmost care and privacy. We can in some cases offer a same day service, provided the artwork is approved beforehand. We generally cant engrave these while you wait as it is not the type of job you want rushed. Normal turnaround on these is 24 hours so if you can drop it off to us this is definitely preferred. Howevers special appointments can be made with you if you do need the job done urgently.

Specialist Engraving Services

We are the specialists when it comes to engraving, but please note....Specialist engraving is generally NOT a same day service, as custom made 'jigs', artwork, and layouts may be required.

Hand Engraving

We also have a specialist hand engraver who has been practicing his art for over 30 years, from Australian Open cups, to pocket watches, bullet shells and Mayoral Chains, we've seen it all. Should you require anything to be expertly hand engraved we will be more than happy to assist.

Please Note: Our hand engraver works part time, and we are unable to offer hand engraving on the spot.